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Ripped from purgatory. - A Play for Power [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A Play for Power

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Ripped from purgatory. [Jan. 28th, 2007|04:23 pm]
A Play for Power


[Current Mood |indescribable]

The world had become strange.

When I did the spell with all of those demons, I was filled with good. I had mastered how to handle my magic's and their power. No longer was I filled with the darkness that could come out at anytime after I had lost in when Tara died.

I was filled with light, with good, with love for Kennedy, for the Council, and at using magic's the right way. When Giles told me of the plan to go in there, Kennedy and I were both anxious to get away from Rio and get into a big battle against evil again and I knew that I could make the demon party that Giles described, break up.

The spell would burn them to ashes or bone and when we met with the slayers and got into that chopper, I knew that I could make their fighting a minimum. The girls in the chopper wanted an assault from above, but as Kennedy went down first, I saw how futile it was and as slayers dropped down on the hideous mass of evil demons in the street, two at a time, I knew that I had to work my magic, so to speak, and I did, except that one of the demons pulled one of the ropes going up to the chopper and I lost my balance and started to fall.

That's when the light left and I saw Kennedy being killed.

I didn't remember what happened after that in my human life, but suddenly, I was left somewhere, not in heaven, not in hell, not a ghost, but dead, my soul filled with retribution over Tara, over Kennedy, over my own death, except that I was ineffectual and had no outlet or ability to unleash. My existence had been one of being good and also, I had been a killer of man, and now, I am paying for that, anger festering, thoughts of Kennedy dying filling me, except I know it's wrong to let go completely.

I tried not to. I tried to remember being virtuous and good, but it just seems so futile.

Flash forward...

I don't know what's going on, but I feel a pull. I feel my soul sliding, moving at light speed away from the light and connecting with my body.

Pulse racing, breathing labored, sweat on the brow, warmth and light in the room, I lunge forward, gasping, looking around, seeing Giles and somebody that I don't know. I see caskets and bodies and smell enbalming fluid. I look for Kennedy, knowing that she's here and that I'm somehow back.

I pull myself up, my legs wobbly, but it doesn't deter me. I jump over the casket that I was obviously set to be buried in and look to Giles, the stranger and then away from them...

My eyes wild and black.

[Giles and the Eternal]