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Passion. - A Play for Power [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A Play for Power

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Passion. [Jan. 28th, 2007|04:07 pm]
A Play for Power


[Current Mood |enthralled]

I tilt my head back as he uses his tongue.

Straddling him, I am in complete control and very much want it to be that way because Connor is so cute as this sort of clueless sexual partner, except that the way that he uses his tongue and his lips and teeth sort of put that fantasy to rest.

He admitted that with his new memories and the life with the Reilly's, that he had never had sex, but had made out with a couple of girlfriends over the years that never actually happened.

In his old life, before Angel took his memories and changed them using some creepy warlock, he was not a virgin. Somebody named Cordelia had seen fit to take that away from him and thus ruin my fun completely, though it's probably a good thing...

Virgins and the whole first time thing; not really memorable, generally. If that were the case, then I wouldn't mind because Connor, in my opinion, has it all. I'm a slayer, but he's the son of two vampires and also strong. I lift weights religiously, being a personal trainer when I was human and I like guy who aren't muscles, as a result, and Connor has the perfect lean body...no fat, no hair. Perfect. He's also a sweetheart and has a mean right cross.

Yeha, the sex right now could be terrible and I would be happy, because it would easily get better, but judging by the way that he's using his mouth and his hands, touching me in all the right places as I subtly move back and forth on top of him, naked, makes me believe that I'm about to be a happy girl...his hands, mouth and oh yes, the baseball bat now pressing into me.

I had backed out of doing this so quickly last night and we had fallen asleep, but when I dreamed of him, I realized that with our lives, fighting evil, always in danger, that life is too short to think and forces one in our positions to act upon feelings.

I slide my hands down to his boxers as I move away from him and miss his mouth on my nipples already, because it's long past time to have him inside of me. I like oral, generally, but my desire to meld with him is so strong that once his boxers were removed, I slid back over him, steadied myself and guided him inside of me.

Oh God. Baseball bat without the splinters all of the way.