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Cordy's anger aside, this Felkor greatly concerns me. - A Play for Power [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A Play for Power

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Cordy's anger aside, this Felkor greatly concerns me. [Jan. 28th, 2007|02:59 am]
A Play for Power


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I followed Illyria as she left Cordy and Gunn’s presence.

I didn’t want to leave Cordy’s side right now, because she is back from the dead and seeing her takes away the grief that the death of twenty-seven slayers being killed outside of the Hyperion caused.

In one fell swoop, one set of magic’s by the Eternal, I am filled with a deep hope once more that we can succeed at any endeavor against evil. I did, however, have questions about the Eternal. I read of him. I knew that for the better part of the last century, that he had been good, living in America, prospering with stocks and by opening businesses that supplied a great number of people in rural areas with well-paying jobs. But, that didn’t mean that he didn’t have a dark past, which of course, like his brother, the Immortal, who may have taken Jada and is the primary reason that we have come here to London, he did.

Neither the Immortal nor the Eternal were succinctly killers. They had both killed in the past but neither of them are what you would call purely evil, yet even with the Eternal’s recent good deeds, I can’t say with confidence that I as of yet trust him around Cordy and if harm should come to her again, it would be more devastating then losing her the first time.

I didn’t want to leave Cordy with Gunn until I talked to her further about whom had brought her back, even though she was already quite attached to the Eternal, but with the way that she had lambasted Illyria and Gunn, myself and Angel, for that matter, about Illyria killing Fred whole, and with Illyria’s proclivity towards anger, I had to settle her down, even if she has definitely showed recent signs of being nearly human and clearly admitted to loving me in her way.

Illyria, in this very estate, the new Council headquarters, had proclaimed in front of Cordy, Gunn and myself that on the very grounds that this manor had been built, lay the bodies of dead, killed at her hands and the hands of her army, thousands of years ago.

She had murdered another God and his army lay here, which like with her, could mean that there are acolytes in the area. Felkor, doubtless, is in his sarcophagus, but some poor schmuck somewhere could come in contact with it and that will be all. Felkor will be back on the Earth, just like Illyria is only Felkor will not be likely to come around as Illyria had and will almost certainly seek to destroy her, which I cannot allow.

I stopped next to her and put the problems of Wolfram and Hart London and of Jada, a slayer missing, on the backburner so that I could calm her and find out about this Felkor.

I massaged her shoulders.

“Illyria, you must give Cordelia some time to mellow on your being here, looking like Fred. She’ll come around. Trust me. Now, this Felkor, are you fearful that an acolyte may attempt to raise his sarcophagus because the deeper well is now unguarded because of Drogan’s death?”