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Fangdan is busy and we totally have a slayer to kill. - A Play for Power [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A Play for Power

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Fangdan is busy and we totally have a slayer to kill. [Jan. 27th, 2007|11:31 pm]
A Play for Power


I followed him to his castle. He drove, and of course, left without me before I could catch up to him, but I totally knew that it wasn’t his fault. He had left Ilona’s office after hearing about what the slayer tramp of Hamilton’s, under his total control had done to me, without knowing at the time that I wanted to go with him.

At this point, I totally want out of Wolfram and Hart. They’ve been good to me and it’s all flattering and all that the Senior Partner’s or whatever, included me in their little London plan, but Hamilton controlling a slayer makes me sick. It makes me think of Spike and this is worse because the slayer is almost like a robot…a busty, harlot, black robot and I actually caught Hammy sticking his stiff rod into her.

To make it worse, when I confronted them, I found out that she was in his control, totally and then he let her kick my ass and only stopped her when she was about to stake me. Humiliating, let me tell you, but I should have known, coming from hammy. A Zebra never changes it spots. He shagged her, humiliated me, or let the slayer humiliate me and then basically told me that I could have Fangdan and from now on, I was his secretary and only his secretary.

Fangdan it is, then. I’m all beaten and have to walk over to Fangdan’s gorgeous castle, and on the way, I can’t resist. Some pretty brunette who filled out a skirt and button up top well passed me, reminding me of Cordy, and on the night streets, I muscled her into an ally and drained her dry. If it were Cordy, I would have drained her dry because all of this sucks.

Though now, with the fresh and warm blood in my system, I feel a whole lot better. I race over to Fangdan’s and walk in, past a guard, the same guard that had seen me earlier and he recognized me and let me in. I charged up the stairs, hoping that Fangdan is in his room, because trying to find him if he isn’t, in this mansion, well…that would totally suck.

The door is closed, but I push it open to find him on the phone with someone. He said a name. He called her Chelsea and I wonder if Fangdan is just like Hammy, and this Chelsea is someone that he fucks on the side. I approach and he hangs up the phone.

“Fangdan, I’m sorry, I followed you over here because I’m not going back to that place ever again, but who is this Chelsea? Please tell me that you aren’t giving that gorgeous cock to her too…Please tell me that you aren’t…”

He got off of his bed and smiled at me, taking his leather coat off. I don’t know him well enough at all to know what his smiles mean, but he looks totally happy to see me.