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The Inevitable. - A Play for Power [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A Play for Power

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The Inevitable. [Jan. 27th, 2007|11:28 pm]
A Play for Power


[Current Mood |apatheticapathetic]

Call it inevitable.

Because, that is exactly what this is.

I massage her arm in a loving way, even though I don’t love her, as we are held up at a beautiful castle of a wealthy warlock in Trieste. The ocean view is romantic at night, a few boats and their lights gliding on the water, and Chelsea enjoys this view because to her, this is romance. This is what she has always wanted. I am what she has wanted for years. She was sired by Fangdan probably forty years ago and after her lust for him went away, she has wanted me, only this is the first time that she and I have ever made love.

It’s love for her. For me, it’s business. We are here to sell our plasma to vampires who respect the sanctity of life and who do not take human lives at will and only do so if necessary. This is something to make the business less boring and that is all that it is.

Sure, I’m caressing her arm, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to make a habit out of this. I hadn’t told her that, though, because I’m not the sort to be brutal, especially after lovemaking and other then the fact that her pursuit of me has been obvious and that she has done some things that were pathetic because of that, Chelsea is one of our best warriors. She’s smart, strong, can fight off virtually any male vampire that I know and honestly, is great to look at it and now I know, also great to shag.

Still, my heart, even if it doesn’t beat, is for Regina. I know that if I get involved with Chelsea, that I’ll be thinking of Regina as I am now. I know that if I get involved with Chelsea and the inevitable doom of whatever may come from her new relationship with that smug lawyer Lindsey should occur, and she turns to me, that I’ll just have to let Chelsea go and I fear that Chelsea may disobey any order that I give her to stay away from Regina and kill her out of jealousy.

No, I can’t become involved with her. I just can’t. I won’t put Regina in danger and I won’t toy with Chelsea. She’s too good for our legion. However, if she wants to shag until Regina comes to her senses and wants exclusivity with me, then I certainly will not have a problem with it at this point.

This was inevitable. The looks and the suggestions…The way that she touched me even when around people; shagging Chelsea had been inevitable. So too, though, is the upcoming conversation. I stroked her beautiful straight locks.

“Chelsea, you are amazing and I know that you’ve wanted me and are in love with me. But, I am in love with another and can offer all of myself to you at this point. Tonight was amazing and it doesn’t have to stop, but I fear that if the one that I love comes to her senses and wants me back…that you will be hurt by this and might go after my love and I can’t allow it to escalate to that point.”

She turned to me. I couldn’t read her just by sight at the moment.