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thepowerplayers's Journal

A Play for Power
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Disclaimer! These are the characters of Joss Whedon, David Greenwalt and the WB. This is just a way to keep them alive.

We have all of the character that we need, but watchers can be infinite!

thepowerplayers takes place at the start of the power play episode of Angel the series. Everything is marginally canon to the episode, except for the fact that Buffy learns that Spike and Angel have come for her in the girl in question and decides to follow back to Los Angeles, leaving Dawn in Andrews care and assigns a slayer to stay around to keep her safe.

Giles isn't thrilled with the decision, and Faith learns and decides to go too. Giles won't assist, although he does agree to protect Dawn, and will make attempts to get Buffy and Faith back. The Immortal also decides to follow, driven by lust and for another reason to stick it to Angel and Spike, just as things start to heat up concerning the circle of the black thorn.

The story will continue, with twists, starting in the alley.

The Cast:
Angel(vampire w/soul)-shanshu_angel
Spike(vampire w/soul)-railroad_spike
Wesley Wyndam=Pryce(human/watcher)-pryce_less
Charles Gunn(human)-loaded_gunn
Illyria(former god)-former_god_king
Cordelia Chase(half human/demon)-sexy_and_snarky
Lorne(demon)-anagogicempath [Deceased]
Harmony Kendall(evil vampire)-harmonyxkendall
Connor Reilly(son of two vampires)-superhero_son
Lindsey McDonald-ethicallydevoid
Regina Minor(human lawyer)-reginaminor_esq
Hamilton(child of Senior Partners)-hamilton_marcus
Ilona Bianchi(CEO/child of Senior Partners)-prego_kiss_kiss
Fangdan(evil vampire legion leader)-_fangdan_
Rory Bronson(evil vampire co-legion leader)-rory_the_rage
Chelsea Dorrington(evil vampire)-chelseaxbites
The Immortal(evil immortal being w/powers) -truly_immortal
The Eternal(good immortal being w/powers)-truly_eternal
Dawn Summers(slayer)-keymadeflesh
Melissa Collier(slayer)-chosen_warrior
Jada Silver(slayer)-jadasilverslays
Faith LeHane(slayer)-livelyinleather
Buffy Summers(slayer)-blondeandstrong
Rupert Giles(Lead Watcher/human)-backintweed
Xander Harris(human/watcher)-powerless_scoob
Andrew Wells(human/watcher)-storyteller_one

Willow Rosenberg(human/good, bad witch)-curioussidekick

Probable Ships: