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Watching a Goddess sleep. [Jan. 27th, 2007|11:25 pm]
A Play for Power

[Current Mood |contentcontent]

Right now, I’m not thinking about business. I’m not thinking about how I can further my career with the firm. Right now, I’m not thinking about Angel, or him trying to have Lorne kill me in Los Angeles, nor am I thinking about how I actually killed Lorne, though that was awesome.

Right now, I’m not thinking about how the Senior Partners originally made me the CEO only to give it to Ilona Costa Bianchi and put Hamilton in sort of co-charge with her. I’m not lamenting about having to relocate to London.

I’m not thinking about how Harmony nearly killed me, either, right now, though I am a little irritated that I let that busty half-wit get the upper-hand on me.

I’m not thinking about Rory. Yeah, it should be worth some thought and I’m sure that I’ll put some thought into him later, considering that he is my girlfriend’s ex-lover and is a powerful vampire…but right now, I can’t carry a thought about him.

Right now, I am thinking about Eve, though. It’s not a bad thing. I loved Eve as much as somebody like her could be loved and like most things, I blame Angel for her death. I blame Angel for finding her at Wolfram and Hart in Los Angeles, her body battered by rubble, her expression scared and hurt. Angel will pay for everything. Angel will pay for trying to kill me and for succeeding at killing Eve.

Still, outside of Eve, and Angel a little bit, it’s hard to focus on much of anything as my body is filled with the exhaustion that hours of passion can bring to it. Regina makes it hard to think about anything else.

I’ve known her for a day and I already know that though I’m her boss in the law department at Wolfram and Hart London, that she’ll be able to order me around and I’ll jump. The sex is part of the reason, sure. Eve was a great lover and Darla, well, she had more experience then anyone, but Regina’s body and the way that she uses it…unexplainable. Amazing…but beyond amazing. Her face is gorgeous…looking at her takes my breath away and I’m not that type of guy. Her hair flows and is perfectly groomed and her skin, aided by moisturizer of the expensive kind, no doubt, is as smooth as silk or beyond silk. She smells so amazing that anyone would be attracted to it, even if she were ugly and her attitude…aggressive, vicious, yet with a weak and soft spot…so perfect.

I can now understand why Rory, a vampire who could take and sire anyone that he wanted, didn’t do those things. He loves her and I know why.

I kissed her bare shoulder and she moved a little. I hoped, briefly, that she would awaken so that we could make love, or have rough sex, but she didn’t and I placed my arm over her and looked down at her, just to confirm that I’m here.
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Why are you defendin' Giles? [Jan. 20th, 2007|11:01 pm]
A Play for Power

[Current Mood |irritatedirritated]

Stewin’, still, I begrudgingly went up to my room, not pullin’ Angel to come along with me, but knowing that he is behind me.

I can’t believe him. Giles all but blamed him for all of the deaths and Angel didn’t even stand up for himself. He basically just let me do it. It was so obvious. I’m goin’ off on Giles and he leads us into the room where all of the bodies were being prepared for burial. I knew right away that Giles was tryin’ to get a mental advantage there, and Angel wasn’t stupid, so he had to know it too and yet, he let Giles have his way.

I pushed my door open. I had one of the big rooms, as did Buffy and Giles, of course, and it was cool and all that, rent free and what not, but this wasn’t where I wanted to be right now. London could be a kicker at times, hell yeah, but I would have preferred to stay in Los Angeles, personally, which was another thing that we hadn’t discussed and was another thing that Angel wasn’t bein’ forthcoming about; he was gonna try to take down Wolfram and Hart London, just like he did Los Angeles, only this time, I was guessin’ and he had to know that he wouldn’t be takin’ down from the inside this time around.

He followed me in and I tossed my things on the bed and looked at him.

On the bed that my clothes now sat in bags, he and I should have been havin’ us a real good time and instead, we had to talk about the pair that I knew Angel had, not workin’ downstairs.

“Angel, what the hell was that down there? You know Giles was only ridin’ you because of what you did to Jenny Calendar back in the day. That’s over and that wasn’t you who did that. What you did was your right and your plan at getting’ at the bad guys from the inside was the best way to get to them. You can’t be lettin’ Giles blame you for the deaths of the slayers and it can’t be made simpler to understand then that. You didn’t ask for the Council’s help and you should definitely let Giles know that he has a stake rammed up his English Channel just like Wes used to have. Giles did this, not you, and not me and B’. It was all Giles and probably really can’t even be blamed on Xander and Andrew. I know that I hit Xander, but who I should go hit is Giles and while I’m doin’ it, you should to…”

I am irritated that I’m arguin’ with Angel and it’s all because of Giles. The restraint that I showed downstairs now over, I have decided to go give Giles some punishment of the non-verbal kind, only on the way, Angel grabs my arm and pulls me back in the room.

My reflex was to take a swing at him, but the old me would have done that and I held it in check.

“What the hell, Angel? Now you’re defending Giles?”

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What is going on with you guys?? [Jan. 20th, 2007|10:57 pm]
A Play for Power

[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]

Here I am trying to hug Wesley and Gunn until I am tired of giving hugs, and explain about how I was brought back by my lovely honey, the Eternal, and the freaky blue lady decides to go into this whole tirade about how the place was haunted or some mumbo-jumbo.

Okay, so she didn’t actually go on a tirade, per se, but she did act like it was the second coming of Christ. She had mentioned about how some former God thousands of years ago had been killed here, and that his army lay somewhere probably right below and also around this very house.

I was thinking, ’thanks for the history lesson, sister, but I don’t really want to hear anything from you considering that you killed Fred.’, but then it hit me that she had mentioned something about a deeper well that some God, Felkor was buried in or some nonsense like that, and yeah, I was still actually not caring about it, except that she said that she and her army had killed this Felkor guy and his army.

I didn’t want to talk about it because I didn’t see anything coming from it, but Wesley was definitely captivated by it and didn’t seem to mind this Illyria at all. Gunn is entranced in finding this slayer, Jada, who is apparently a black beauty and Gunn has a thing for her, but even he seemed to care about the story and suddenly, I’m wondering why they care so much and know that it has something to do with this Illyria…Fred-murdering chick…or whatever she is.

The whole amazing story about my Eternal’s power and how I am back gets tossed aside because there might be another problem and there probably isn’t one. Geesh, feeling the love here an worse, I can’t stand that Gunn and Wesley don’t hate this Illyria too and are working with her. I don’t care if she has powers or not, I’m not going to take this anymore.

“Um, excuse me, Wesley, Gunn, but I was in the middle of getting hugs and telling you about the Eternal, who you obviously know of, Wesley and then the murderer of Fred tells this story about some God that she killed when she was a God and you just turn to her…”

I looked right at her and she studied me, although she didn’t have hate in her eyes. “How can you guys…how can Angel work with her? She killed Fred and worse, she looks like her. How can you associate with her and bring her in on our work, our plans? Besides, her story probably means nothing anyway, because I think Giles would have noticed if there was some haunting or something having to do with this Felkor creep.”

Gunn looked somber and turned to me. Wesley looked embarrassed for some reason and this Illyria didn’t even seem bothered by me.

[Gunn, Wesley and Illyria]
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An Unimaginable battle taking place Part 2. [Jan. 20th, 2007|10:50 pm]
A Play for Power

[Current Mood |surprisedsurprised]

The interruption of the door being opened didn’t phase Spike, but Dawn turned to see who it was and when she did, Spike leveled her with a right hand to the cheek, which floored her. Normally, I wouldn’t condone, in a training session, somebody taking a cheap shot at my sister, but she needed to learn that when in mortal combat, though this fight with Spike isn’t mortal combat…to never take your eyes off an opponent and especially an opponent as dangerous as Spike.

That was as far as my criticism of Dawn could go though, in this fight. I had told Spike to go all out against her when Dawn challenged him after finding out that she was a slayer. I wanted Dawn to realize that though she was stronger and faster and tougher then ever, that she still might not be ready to go out and fight on her own, and I told Spike that if he won, I wouldn’t be upset with him, like I thought, but if he lost, I would be, because Dawn would be on my case about wanting freedom.

I didn’t believe that she would be as tough as she is, but I am clearly wrong, which I guess is a good thing, sort of. I’m glad that the training that she has taken has already given her the form to go along with all of the slayer power, but I know that if she wins, which up until Spike’s cheap shot, it looked like she was going to, that she is going to insist on me not tightening the leash around her, though, either way, I’m going to because there is no way I’m letting my sister get killed because her mind gets ahead of her skills.

She had dominated Spike until the last punch. She was smart, and didn’t overdo it when she took the advantage and the way that she took advantage was excellent, even by my standards. She went to the body, which is smart against any foe and her shots were stinging Spike, who loved pain and fighting, but even he was having a hard time getting up from her kicks and knees and punches to the abdomen and the few that she had thrown at his face.

I circled around the fight as Xander sat with Andrew and the two new slayers, who I would introduce myself to later, when not so busy watching my sister and my boyfriend fight until one of them could no longer go. I did my best to stay out of it and let the fight continue between Dawn and Spike.

Dawn shook off Spike’s right hand and looked angry. This was going to be a good test. If she reacted to her anger, that was good, but if she overreacted to it then Spike would put her down fast because knowing Spike the way that I do, he is not thrilled with how Dawn had handled him so far and he isn’t thrilled with losing at anything, even though I know that he cares about Dawn. She had beaten him silly so far and he was going to retaliate, which was another good test for my sister. She wouldn’t generally face vampires as strong as Spike, but he would keep coming and figure out a way in, which he is good at, and I wanted to see how she would react to that, and how she could take punishment.

Then again, she might just thrash him some more, which is good and bad. Bad, because Dawn will think that she can take on the world, but good because she is talented and because I’ll get to nurse Spike’s wounds, inflicted by my sister.

Dawn became aggressive, throwing a round of shots that didn’t get through and Spike was starting to get his swagger going, which I had first-hand experience with from fighting him so long and not so long ago.

[Spike and Dawn]
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An unimaginable battle taking place Part 1. [Jan. 20th, 2007|10:41 pm]
A Play for Power

[Current Mood |shockedshocked]

The cab ride through Los Angeles reminded me of just how dirty the city could be.

When you saw Los Angeles in television, you see that palm trees and the sunshine. What you don’t see are the back alleys and the prostitutes, although some of them do look good from where I’m sitting; you don’t see the fights in those same alleys and the seedy bars.

When I had last been here, I was around Spike and it was the first time that I had seen him after thinking he was dead for all of those months, so that made Los Angeles easy to take…that and the fact that I had the slayers just waiting in reserve for Angel to find Dana.

Now, Dana had been rehabilitated and had come back to Los Angeles, dying along with all of the other slayers that had come here, not named Buffy, Faith, Melissa or Jada. Now, I’m with two brand new slayers who are already black-belts in karate and have taken to the calling nicely and smoothly.

The cab pulled over and I tipped the guy like six dollars, which I thought was a good tip, but he didn’t and as we got out, me following Leah to the right, he cursed at me in some foreign language, which is something that you see on television when watching a show that takes place in Los Angeles.

Staring at the three of us is the Hyperion hotel, a hotel that still belongs to Angel, and still looks pretty cool, even though for the past year, he and his crew no longer resided here and instead took residence at Wolfram and Hart, the evil and now destroyed haven of evil, which Giles, myself and Xander all felt uncomfortable with Angel and Wesley and company taking over.

Monique was first to walk inside, followed by me and then Leah and what we saw took my breath away. The call to Xander about Dawn’s powers had been put into motion, because now, Dawn was fighting with Spike and kicking his muscular ass. I knew that Dawn had powers and when training with her back in London, she always, though I wouldn’t openly admit it, put me down with a couple of punches. Dawn was tougher then people thought before becoming a slayer and now, she’s like uber tough. She slammed Spike down so hard, that it had to hurt but when she looked over to see the three of us, Spike decked her and knocked her to the floor, but Dawn, being tough, managed to get back up.

Xander came over to us and I had questions for him.

“Xander, I wouldn’t have thought that Buffy would have gone for this kind of training for Dawn…”

I looked over and saw Buffy intently watching the fight. She is calmer then I would have thought.

[Xander, Leah and Monique]
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The Proposition. [Jan. 20th, 2007|10:35 pm]
A Play for Power

[Current Mood |complacentcomplacent]

The proposition was lay upon me by this Rupert Giles, watcher of the slayers, leader of the Slayer’s Council and former watcher of Buffy Summers, exclusively.

It is a proposition that would likely cause pain because of the outcomes, but I knew that he wouldn’t be sated if he didn’t give the proposition a go.

I knew that I shouldn’t have spoken of my powers and shouldn’t have elaborated on my bringing Cordelia back, but Angel had opened the floodgates there for some reason, when introducing myself and this Rupert Giles, who was a man of class, which I respected.

After Faith had basically reamed Giles for his part in the slayer’s deaths and after Angel had remained conspicuously quiet on the same topic, they both left the room and Giles asked me about the possibilities of this proposition.

Giles studied Faith and Angel leaving and seemed to relax when they left and of course he did, he wanted to be alone with me because he didn’t want other’s to know that he was planning on asking me to do what I did for Cordelia. He didn’t want others to see him ask me to try to bring all of these slayers back and even the few people who weren’t slayers.

His proposition was basically futile, from my perspective, but the way that I saw it, no harm could come from it, except for the anguish of knowing that it didn’t work brought on by false hopes after the proposition was made to me.

That’s why I had to nip this in the bud, as I already had to some measure when explaining about why Cordelia was able to be brought back…but quite obviously, I hadn’t emphasized the spell hard enough or clearly enough.

Giles studied the dead and asked the Morticians to excuse us. When they didn’t leave, he escorted me towards a very lavish kitchen, even by my standards and fixed me a drink, which I gladly accepted. I took a drink and took a sip and watched as he did the same.

“Remy Martin, Mr. Giles, a very good choice. I can see that you are most definitely a man of taste, but I suggest to you that you forget about the spell and focus on the slayer who is missing, as the others are, instead. The spell worked on Cordelia because she was killed by supernatural and mystical means. The slayers in that room were killed by demons and died human and painful deaths. My powers won’t bring them back and nor will my brother’s powers. I could try it girl by girl for we don’t know how all of them died, but I believe that you will be opening yourself up for a big letdown and I don’t want to be the proprietor of such a letdown.”

I took another sip and looked at him with the most sensitive eyes that I could muster when looking at another man.

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Hamilton changes the game. [Jan. 20th, 2007|10:31 pm]
A Play for Power

[Current Mood |soresore]

I didn’t want to go into her room right now. Ilona had told me that she wished to sleep, undisturbed. However, the happenings of the past half an hour made me realize that I had to wake her.

Of course, I had gone into the shower on a floor below and had washed the blood off of my face and had washed away the scent of toilet water still in my hair from being dunked there by Jada.

Hamilton had changed the game on us. He had taken Jada to another doctor up here, had another programmed chip put into her head and now only he knew the keywords to control our powerful weapon. I didn’t so much mind it in the physical sense, because to me, Jada was an implement and I wasn’t taken away by her beauty in any way and didn’t really like her. I had debased her sexually when controlling her. I had made her do things that she probably wouldn’t normally do and I had put my cock in every hole in her body. For that, when she noticed me outside of Jada’s office, she threw me into the bathroom, sucker-punched me and from there, I was at her mercy, which included some painful shots and her dunking my head in the toilet.

I generally never lose battles, because I am generally never in them for I have people who I pay take care of my rough deeds for me, but when I do fight, I am usually gifted and favored in that fight, but if Hamilton hadn’t come in and given her the order not let me go, then she might have killed me and with a nut-shot already taken and with my ribs and face bruised and swollen, I wouldn’t have been able to prevent her from killing me.

Hamilton had changed the game on us and now, Ilona had to know about it. I tapped on her door, softly and heard her grumbling from her bed. She didn’t like being interrupted from her beauty sleep, which was something that I had come to know, but when she opened the door and saw the bruises on my face, she didn’t offer any resistance or display any disgust.

She took me into her room, sat me down and said that she was going to get me some aloe. She said that she couldn’t have such a beautiful and wonderful face looking like it did. Like her, I would heal quickly, but there was no arguing with her, not that I felt like arguing, currently with my tail between my legs and all.

As she applied the aloe and lanolin, she then asked me who would have done such a thing and then surmised that it was Hamilton. I looked her into her eyes, admiring her breasts in her nightgown as they fell out as they had to with their weight, and shook my head.

“Ilona, Jada did this to me because the keyword no longer works. The game has been changed. The game has been changed by Hamilton without coming to you first. He said that he was head of black ops and that Jada was his to use and not mine, or yours. I knocked because I figured that you’d want to know that information.”

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Manhood on the horizon. [Jan. 20th, 2007|10:25 pm]
A Play for Power

[Current Mood |hornyhorny]

I woke and was freaked out. I had weird dreams about violence and realized that they weren’t really dreams but were actual events that had taken place last night with the big fight.

A sheen of sweat covered my forehead and I wiped it away, thinking about all of those dead girls, dead slayers and how they were killed. I heard the screams of terror and saw the demons that killed them, devouring them.

My father was in the dream and as I lay on my side and looked out of the window, I saw that it was bright outside. I put my right hand to my head, balancing myself, realizing that I was in my father’s hotel. Last night had been crazy. I had never seen anything like it. Well, I had lived a pretty vicious life with demon violence in that place, Quortoth and even after that once I left Quortoth, but nothing had ever been like that. So many fights, so much carnage and blood, and the rain that had been falling down too…

It was breathtaking. Then, I remembered how the night had come to an end and quickly rolled over to see Melissa smiling at me. She is so hot. She’s older then me and has the sexy muscles, plus, she’s a vampire slayer. Last night, I had been willing to make love to her, but she had backed down and that worried me, though not too much, because I had just met her and am really really nervous about it.

She pushed the covers down and exposed that she was sleeping completely nude, though I didn’t remember that last night. Last night, she had put her clothes on when she thought that it wasn’t the right time for us, after making me all hot, but at some point while I was having the terrible dreams, she must have gotten up and taken her clothes off, which, God, was so hot, because it led me to believe that she liked sleeping in the buff, or preferred it and had only put on clothes to calm me down.

Now, I am worked up again, only she’s looking at my forehead and again, I wiped away any sweat that was there. She asked me if I had experienced some bad dreams and mentioned that she had a vision of things getting better for the Slayer’s Council, whatever that meant. All the while, she looked at me, and eventually, she reached for my shirt, which thankfully wasn’t drenched with perspiration like my forehead, and from the bottom, pulled my shirt up and over my forehead, which led to an erection that felt good and relieved me because there was no anxiety, though in my mind, I did feel some.

“I had bad dreams, yeah, about last night, and if I’m not mistaken, when we went to sleep last night, you had clothes on…”

She smiled, put my hands on her firm and big boobs and my excitement was beyond description. Her hands then slid from my chest, down to my pants and as she grabbed at my zipper, I flinched. It tickled. I flinched again as she slid my zipper down and my erection sprung forward through the opening, along with the boxers still covering it.

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Business as unusual. [Jan. 20th, 2007|10:21 pm]
A Play for Power

[Current Mood |calmcalm]

They came out of the bushes and had weapons. It’s not like I haven’t seen this before, but what are they really getting by trying to rip me off. Chelsea and I are the front pair, we are the visible ones and a group of ten or so vampires with bow’s and arrows actually believe that they can rob us of what amounts to literally less then a hundred dollars worth of plasma?

I laugh as my men attack their men and when all is said and done, all of the men that we are here to do business with, are dead. These demons didn’t respect the codes or me. That brought them their deaths more then the attempted robbery.

Along the way, I lost one of my men, one of our legion, and that too is a pity over what could have been a profitable situation for everyone involved. Then again, certain vampires don’t contain the discipline not to kill humans and the fact that we had killed them was a good thing. Vampires that kill humans put all of us at risk.

I should have known that these piles of ashes weren’t going to be candidates. They were scumbags and didn’t groom themselves. It’s disgusting.

“Okay, everyone, let’s move towards the Trieste. Maybe there, we’ll find some demons that actually have some class.”

Chelsea smiled at my direction and in unison, the eight of us remaining jumped in our two cars.

It was only Chelsea and I in the Bentley and in the Jaguar, were the other six. I didn’t order it to be this way, but most of the guys in the legion would do anything for or to Chelsea, even though it’s obvious that she’s here to be with me.

I don’t know what’s holding me back at this point, honestly. Sure, I’m holding out for Regina in the long run, but right now, we aren’t exclusive and I could have a good time with Chelsea. She’s five feet and eleven inches tall and fills out whatever she’s wearing beautifully. She is pretty and has beautiful dirty blonde hair and yet, I stay away. I probably do it because I don’t believe in mixing business with pleasure and don’t want ruffles within the legion, but even that excuse doesn’t hold water because if I don’t want ruffles, then there won’t be any and it’s that simple.

Her hand went to my thigh. I didn’t resist and even looked at her, though I didn’t give away that this was okay. She slid further up my thigh, seducing me with her eyes and I realized that I had better look at the road or both of us will be in pain.

When her hand reached my crotch and lingered there, there was no denying it. The penis wanted her. Would the mind follow suit? The heart wasn’t involved. Chelsea would be a bloody shag and only a shag.
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Guests wanted and...and not wanted. [Jan. 13th, 2007|10:55 pm]
A Play for Power

[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]

Many of the girls were ready to be buried and I had tired of watching the morticians, who were working for an ungodly salary cleaning and beautifying beautiful girls who were dead and would never help save the world from demons again.

I walked out of the office, even if only briefly to try to gather my thoughts on what I was viewing the paid workers do. It was incomprehensible to me, the tragedy of all of this, even though I had more then a day and a half to come to grips with it and even though I had already binged with drinking to try to cure my mind from having to come to grips with it.

The stark reality was that all of these girls had become known to me and though they weren’t as special to me as Buffy was, it made me fathom Buffy dying twenty-seven times when looking at the dead slayers and if you count Willow and Robin, it made it all the more preternatural and unbelievable.

The fact was, though, that it had occurred, and they were gone. They weren’t coming back and they all had families, or most of them did, that had yet to be contacted, which was a reality that too, I was not looking forward to. I would tackle that rugby player when it came and would likely do so with the aide of Xander and Andrew, when they returned.

I brewed myself a tea and tried to focus on the wonderful news that three more slayers had been called. Dawn becoming a slayer was amazing and I knew that it would make Buffy soften for she was certainly angry with me right now. Andrew contacting the other two girls, one in Cleveland and one in Chicago, filled me with a bit of trepidation that he would fail, but I chose to ignore that devil on the shoulder, because Andrew’s zest for such a thing was even greater then that of my own.

I started to walk back towards the mortician’s workroom, the Lampley room, when I heard the bell ring and heard a knock on the door. I sipped my tea once more, then put it down by the kitchen and walked over to the door, peering through the peephole to readily see Angel, which immediately got my angry juices flowing. I hesitated in opening the door immediately, but another knock sufficiently annoyed me enough to find Angel there with Faith, Cordelia, whom I thought was deceased and another man that I didn’t recognize. Behind them, Wesley, a blue-haired woman and a black man were coming towards them and they grabbed Cordelia, hugs ensuing.

Faith glared at me with disdain, which was to be expected, though Angel did not, even though I was disgusted at his presence, currently, and the other, unknown gentleman, who looked vaguely familiar to me, possibly from reading in the past, was stoic, looking back at Cordelia, but followed Angel, Faith and myself towards the main floor living room.

I asked Wesley, Cordelia and the other two individuals to come in and then prepared for an assault from Faith, which was certainly forthcoming.

[Faith, Angel and the Eternal]
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