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Uh Yeah...this is awkward. [Jan. 28th, 2007|02:56 am]
A Play for Power


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Managed to get the better of the niblet after all.

Didn’t start of very promising for the big bad, and Dawn’s power, strategy and recovery were all off of the bloody charts. She was like a chip off of the old Summer’s slayer tradition block.

Of course, Buffy encouraged me to fight Dawn after Dawn had told us that she had her powers and then told me after I argued against hitting the niblet…that she would be mad at me if I lost to her as opposed to beating up on a girl who was like a little sister or a child to me…and who was also someone that Buffy loved like a daughter at times.

There was a reason for that and it was obvious. Buffy, still shocked at hearing that she wasn’t the only Summer’s slayer, knew that Dawn, feisty and rambunctious before receiving superpowers, would become an animal with the hunting and would want to patrol alone immediately. Buffy wanted to prove to her that she wasn’t ready and that’s where I came in. Simple enough, I wagered. This is Dawn, after all and though, technically, she might actually be stronger then me now, she certainly hasn’t dealt with punishment and didn’t know how to craft a fight the way that I do.


Tell that to my cracked ribs and even more swollen face. Faith and Angel had jumped me yesterday, all high and mighty about their relationship and about me prying into it and Faith decided to hit me even after I was unconscious. Dawn had a plan and executed it, much to my chagrin and bleeding discomfort. She went to my body when I attacked. Took me a while of pain and being humiliated by a girl who a couple of years ago, was afraid of her own shadow, before I managed to get the upper hand and when I wised up to her plan, goaded her and then seized the advantage, I found myself on top of her, ready to deliver the knock-out blow.

Buffy stopped me, thank God, because if she hadn’t, I would have guessed that she wanted me to knock her kid sister unconscious and I wasn’t comfortable with that. Sure, put her in her place…all well and good, but actually knocking her unconscious with fierce punches?

Yeah, when Buffy told Dawn that she was proud of how well she fought and gave her the speech about not sticking to one plan, which against me, was going to the body, she then dragged me upstairs as the two new slayer birds prepared to spar against each other where Dawn and I had just sparred.

“Glad you stopped me from knocking her out, love. As I was about to hit her, I was thinking, am I really about to do this?”