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Dawn Summers; that's my girl. - A Play for Power [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A Play for Power

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Dawn Summers; that's my girl. [Jan. 28th, 2007|02:53 am]
A Play for Power


[Current Mood |Proud]

I wanted to rush in and start pounding on Spike, because hey, that’s always fun and he’s always such an irritating son of a bitch who was with Angel in the stupid plan that had eventually killed twenty-seven slayers here on the streets right outside of this hotel, but I couldn’t do that.

First of all, Dawn had wanted this fight, Buffy also thought that it was a good idea and I practically drew a guide book for Dawn about the way that Spike liked to fight an opponent. Spike was the only one who resisted the idea. The second reason that I didn’t start hitting Spike was that he didn’t have a chip in his head anymore and could lay me out with one of the very same punches that he had hit my girlfriend…the new slayer, Dawn Summers, with not five minutes ago.

Of course, I helped Dawn up and Buffy gave her a hug and told her that she was proud of the way that she had fought Spike and that she was already better then Buffy was when she first started, but it felt hollow to me. Buffy and Spike went upstairs where she would probably thank him for putting Dawn down proving that she isn’t ready to face demons by herself.

I disagree with that. I disagree with that because…hey, I was there and didn’t miss the first part of the fight where Dawn was so sexy and devastating with the way that she kept putting Spike down. So Spike won, eventually? So what? He’s been fighting for like a hundred and twenty-five years and Dawn is suddenly new to this. I bet that in no time flat, she’ll be able to fully kick Spike’s ass.

I took her over to the weird circular couch where Andrew was waiting, smiling at Dawn, as Leah and Monique stretched and if I’m not mistaken, where Leah flited with Monique. Monique had definitely come on to me, but I immediately told her that I am with Dawn…to prevent any friction between slayers, though telling a gorgeous women like Monique that I am taken…not easy. Still, Dawn is beautiful, sexy and now stronger then five men, so I’m not exactly heartbroken to send Monique away and to have her stop leaning over in my face and showing me her cleavage.

“Dawn, don’t listen to Buffy. You and I can go out and patrol right now and I know that you’re ready. The only thing that she’s right about is that you kept the same game plan and Spike adapted and that’s the only reason he won. You could have staked him dead early in the fight if that was the game, and you will do that when you get control of any other vamp in any cemetery or street corner.”

I kissed her and Andrew looked stunned, or hurt, or both.

[Dawn and Andrew]