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Raiding Wolfram and Hart London. [Jan. 28th, 2007|04:36 pm]
A Play for Power

[Current Mood |determined]

Faith and I had argued.

It seemed to be a common thread in our new realtionship. If it wasn't over Buffy and my past with her, then it was over Cordelia and how I almsot had a past with her that faith could potentially be jealous of.

I am not big on the arguing. Generally, I'd rather consider it, think about it and not say anything that I don't mean to say, except that with Faith, it's hard to be that way because she's so direct and confrontational, even now...now that she has changed and has gotten rid of the darkness that used to fill her soul.

That isn't to say that I don't appreciate that quality in her. The fire in her belly over anything and everything that she becomes involved in is what makes her so beautiful. In the past, she would blow things off. It is no longer that way. She sticks to what she believes in and it is beautiful and sexy, just like her physical appearance.

The last argument was a predictable one and I knew that it was coming as we flew from Los Angeles to London. I knew that she would confront Giles and blame him for the death of Robin, Willow and twenty-seven slayers. I knew that Giles would hate the sight of me for reasons old and recent and I knew that I wouldn't play the blame game or defend myself against Giles' words because no good could come from that and I wanted to prove that he could trust me to work together with him, Faith, and all of the slayers and watchers.

Predictably, after the confrontation with Giles, Faith and I, in private, had it out and I told her that I wasn't going to blame Giles for what was done, or her and Buffy for coming over an dprompting Giles to send all of those slayers to their deaths, or myself for starting the war that led to it all. No good could come of that. It happened, everyone had the best intentions and it couldn't be changed.

She was also angry that I wanted to hide the relationship from Giles for a little while, but instead of fighting with her and arguing, and while the dark outside opermitted me to walk freely, I chose to drag her with me to Wolfram and Hart.

Now, we stare at the building. It looks tranquil and quiet, except for the lights on the top floor. Looks can be deceiving. Inside of the building in front of us, the workings of an evil started in Los Angeles now transferred to London, are brewing and I have no intention of letting another juggernaut of hate, evil and pain be born.

I tilted my head at her and then rushed forward, crashing through the fron doors, triggering an alarm that could be heard for blocks.

"The top floor it is..."

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Ripped from purgatory. [Jan. 28th, 2007|04:23 pm]
A Play for Power

[Current Mood |indescribable]

The world had become strange.

When I did the spell with all of those demons, I was filled with good. I had mastered how to handle my magic's and their power. No longer was I filled with the darkness that could come out at anytime after I had lost in when Tara died.

I was filled with light, with good, with love for Kennedy, for the Council, and at using magic's the right way. When Giles told me of the plan to go in there, Kennedy and I were both anxious to get away from Rio and get into a big battle against evil again and I knew that I could make the demon party that Giles described, break up.

The spell would burn them to ashes or bone and when we met with the slayers and got into that chopper, I knew that I could make their fighting a minimum. The girls in the chopper wanted an assault from above, but as Kennedy went down first, I saw how futile it was and as slayers dropped down on the hideous mass of evil demons in the street, two at a time, I knew that I had to work my magic, so to speak, and I did, except that one of the demons pulled one of the ropes going up to the chopper and I lost my balance and started to fall.

That's when the light left and I saw Kennedy being killed.

I didn't remember what happened after that in my human life, but suddenly, I was left somewhere, not in heaven, not in hell, not a ghost, but dead, my soul filled with retribution over Tara, over Kennedy, over my own death, except that I was ineffectual and had no outlet or ability to unleash. My existence had been one of being good and also, I had been a killer of man, and now, I am paying for that, anger festering, thoughts of Kennedy dying filling me, except I know it's wrong to let go completely.

I tried not to. I tried to remember being virtuous and good, but it just seems so futile.

Flash forward...

I don't know what's going on, but I feel a pull. I feel my soul sliding, moving at light speed away from the light and connecting with my body.

Pulse racing, breathing labored, sweat on the brow, warmth and light in the room, I lunge forward, gasping, looking around, seeing Giles and somebody that I don't know. I see caskets and bodies and smell enbalming fluid. I look for Kennedy, knowing that she's here and that I'm somehow back.

I pull myself up, my legs wobbly, but it doesn't deter me. I jump over the casket that I was obviously set to be buried in and look to Giles, the stranger and then away from them...

My eyes wild and black.

[Giles and the Eternal]
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Passion. [Jan. 28th, 2007|04:07 pm]
A Play for Power

[Current Mood |enthralled]

I tilt my head back as he uses his tongue.

Straddling him, I am in complete control and very much want it to be that way because Connor is so cute as this sort of clueless sexual partner, except that the way that he uses his tongue and his lips and teeth sort of put that fantasy to rest.

He admitted that with his new memories and the life with the Reilly's, that he had never had sex, but had made out with a couple of girlfriends over the years that never actually happened.

In his old life, before Angel took his memories and changed them using some creepy warlock, he was not a virgin. Somebody named Cordelia had seen fit to take that away from him and thus ruin my fun completely, though it's probably a good thing...

Virgins and the whole first time thing; not really memorable, generally. If that were the case, then I wouldn't mind because Connor, in my opinion, has it all. I'm a slayer, but he's the son of two vampires and also strong. I lift weights religiously, being a personal trainer when I was human and I like guy who aren't muscles, as a result, and Connor has the perfect lean body...no fat, no hair. Perfect. He's also a sweetheart and has a mean right cross.

Yeha, the sex right now could be terrible and I would be happy, because it would easily get better, but judging by the way that he's using his mouth and his hands, touching me in all the right places as I subtly move back and forth on top of him, naked, makes me believe that I'm about to be a happy girl...his hands, mouth and oh yes, the baseball bat now pressing into me.

I had backed out of doing this so quickly last night and we had fallen asleep, but when I dreamed of him, I realized that with our lives, fighting evil, always in danger, that life is too short to think and forces one in our positions to act upon feelings.

I slide my hands down to his boxers as I move away from him and miss his mouth on my nipples already, because it's long past time to have him inside of me. I like oral, generally, but my desire to meld with him is so strong that once his boxers were removed, I slid back over him, steadied myself and guided him inside of me.

Oh God. Baseball bat without the splinters all of the way.

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Cordy's anger aside, this Felkor greatly concerns me. [Jan. 28th, 2007|02:59 am]
A Play for Power

[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

I followed Illyria as she left Cordy and Gunn’s presence.

I didn’t want to leave Cordy’s side right now, because she is back from the dead and seeing her takes away the grief that the death of twenty-seven slayers being killed outside of the Hyperion caused.

In one fell swoop, one set of magic’s by the Eternal, I am filled with a deep hope once more that we can succeed at any endeavor against evil. I did, however, have questions about the Eternal. I read of him. I knew that for the better part of the last century, that he had been good, living in America, prospering with stocks and by opening businesses that supplied a great number of people in rural areas with well-paying jobs. But, that didn’t mean that he didn’t have a dark past, which of course, like his brother, the Immortal, who may have taken Jada and is the primary reason that we have come here to London, he did.

Neither the Immortal nor the Eternal were succinctly killers. They had both killed in the past but neither of them are what you would call purely evil, yet even with the Eternal’s recent good deeds, I can’t say with confidence that I as of yet trust him around Cordy and if harm should come to her again, it would be more devastating then losing her the first time.

I didn’t want to leave Cordy with Gunn until I talked to her further about whom had brought her back, even though she was already quite attached to the Eternal, but with the way that she had lambasted Illyria and Gunn, myself and Angel, for that matter, about Illyria killing Fred whole, and with Illyria’s proclivity towards anger, I had to settle her down, even if she has definitely showed recent signs of being nearly human and clearly admitted to loving me in her way.

Illyria, in this very estate, the new Council headquarters, had proclaimed in front of Cordy, Gunn and myself that on the very grounds that this manor had been built, lay the bodies of dead, killed at her hands and the hands of her army, thousands of years ago.

She had murdered another God and his army lay here, which like with her, could mean that there are acolytes in the area. Felkor, doubtless, is in his sarcophagus, but some poor schmuck somewhere could come in contact with it and that will be all. Felkor will be back on the Earth, just like Illyria is only Felkor will not be likely to come around as Illyria had and will almost certainly seek to destroy her, which I cannot allow.

I stopped next to her and put the problems of Wolfram and Hart London and of Jada, a slayer missing, on the backburner so that I could calm her and find out about this Felkor.

I massaged her shoulders.

“Illyria, you must give Cordelia some time to mellow on your being here, looking like Fred. She’ll come around. Trust me. Now, this Felkor, are you fearful that an acolyte may attempt to raise his sarcophagus because the deeper well is now unguarded because of Drogan’s death?”

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Uh Yeah...this is awkward. [Jan. 28th, 2007|02:56 am]
A Play for Power

[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

Managed to get the better of the niblet after all.

Didn’t start of very promising for the big bad, and Dawn’s power, strategy and recovery were all off of the bloody charts. She was like a chip off of the old Summer’s slayer tradition block.

Of course, Buffy encouraged me to fight Dawn after Dawn had told us that she had her powers and then told me after I argued against hitting the niblet…that she would be mad at me if I lost to her as opposed to beating up on a girl who was like a little sister or a child to me…and who was also someone that Buffy loved like a daughter at times.

There was a reason for that and it was obvious. Buffy, still shocked at hearing that she wasn’t the only Summer’s slayer, knew that Dawn, feisty and rambunctious before receiving superpowers, would become an animal with the hunting and would want to patrol alone immediately. Buffy wanted to prove to her that she wasn’t ready and that’s where I came in. Simple enough, I wagered. This is Dawn, after all and though, technically, she might actually be stronger then me now, she certainly hasn’t dealt with punishment and didn’t know how to craft a fight the way that I do.


Tell that to my cracked ribs and even more swollen face. Faith and Angel had jumped me yesterday, all high and mighty about their relationship and about me prying into it and Faith decided to hit me even after I was unconscious. Dawn had a plan and executed it, much to my chagrin and bleeding discomfort. She went to my body when I attacked. Took me a while of pain and being humiliated by a girl who a couple of years ago, was afraid of her own shadow, before I managed to get the upper hand and when I wised up to her plan, goaded her and then seized the advantage, I found myself on top of her, ready to deliver the knock-out blow.

Buffy stopped me, thank God, because if she hadn’t, I would have guessed that she wanted me to knock her kid sister unconscious and I wasn’t comfortable with that. Sure, put her in her place…all well and good, but actually knocking her unconscious with fierce punches?

Yeah, when Buffy told Dawn that she was proud of how well she fought and gave her the speech about not sticking to one plan, which against me, was going to the body, she then dragged me upstairs as the two new slayer birds prepared to spar against each other where Dawn and I had just sparred.

“Glad you stopped me from knocking her out, love. As I was about to hit her, I was thinking, am I really about to do this?”

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Dawn Summers; that's my girl. [Jan. 28th, 2007|02:53 am]
A Play for Power

[Current Mood |Proud]

I wanted to rush in and start pounding on Spike, because hey, that’s always fun and he’s always such an irritating son of a bitch who was with Angel in the stupid plan that had eventually killed twenty-seven slayers here on the streets right outside of this hotel, but I couldn’t do that.

First of all, Dawn had wanted this fight, Buffy also thought that it was a good idea and I practically drew a guide book for Dawn about the way that Spike liked to fight an opponent. Spike was the only one who resisted the idea. The second reason that I didn’t start hitting Spike was that he didn’t have a chip in his head anymore and could lay me out with one of the very same punches that he had hit my girlfriend…the new slayer, Dawn Summers, with not five minutes ago.

Of course, I helped Dawn up and Buffy gave her a hug and told her that she was proud of the way that she had fought Spike and that she was already better then Buffy was when she first started, but it felt hollow to me. Buffy and Spike went upstairs where she would probably thank him for putting Dawn down proving that she isn’t ready to face demons by herself.

I disagree with that. I disagree with that because…hey, I was there and didn’t miss the first part of the fight where Dawn was so sexy and devastating with the way that she kept putting Spike down. So Spike won, eventually? So what? He’s been fighting for like a hundred and twenty-five years and Dawn is suddenly new to this. I bet that in no time flat, she’ll be able to fully kick Spike’s ass.

I took her over to the weird circular couch where Andrew was waiting, smiling at Dawn, as Leah and Monique stretched and if I’m not mistaken, where Leah flited with Monique. Monique had definitely come on to me, but I immediately told her that I am with Dawn…to prevent any friction between slayers, though telling a gorgeous women like Monique that I am taken…not easy. Still, Dawn is beautiful, sexy and now stronger then five men, so I’m not exactly heartbroken to send Monique away and to have her stop leaning over in my face and showing me her cleavage.

“Dawn, don’t listen to Buffy. You and I can go out and patrol right now and I know that you’re ready. The only thing that she’s right about is that you kept the same game plan and Spike adapted and that’s the only reason he won. You could have staked him dead early in the fight if that was the game, and you will do that when you get control of any other vamp in any cemetery or street corner.”

I kissed her and Andrew looked stunned, or hurt, or both.

[Dawn and Andrew]
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Cordy...give me the treatment that I deserve ova Fred. [Jan. 28th, 2007|02:36 am]
A Play for Power

[Current Mood |blahblah]

Illyria and Wesley after her, walked away.

I could see the frustration in Cordy’s eyes that Wesley followed her. I wished that he hadn’t, but I understood, in sort of a sick way. Wesley is devoted to Illyria now as if she were Fred and while that’s sick, I get it. Illyria can look like her, talk about the past with Wes and give him sex that Fred couldn’t dream of and also protect him from the occasional powerful house intruder.

I got all that.

I just wished that he hadn’t left Cordelia and I to calm Illyria down or whatever it is that they will do, because like me, he has to feel so amazing that Cordy is alive again. He could also take away some of the abuse that will now be hurled at me.

Then again, I want her to treat me like shit right now. It fits my mood to a tee and I deserve it. Yeah, hopefully she cuts into me some more. We had explained to her how Illyria had come to be and I had explained to her my part in it. There wasn’t enough abuse in the world to cova for my part in it. I could have my heart ripped out by some ogre in some basement everyday for the rest of my life and it wouldn’t take away how much of a bastard that I had been to sign that form lettin’ the sarcophagus into the country…into the firm.

Yeah, Cordy should and hopefully does give me that hostile treatment right now, even though I love her like a sista, because I deserve it and want to feel her emotions on the topic. I want her to get it off of her chest and I want to feel like I have to atone, because right now, Jada needs me and I need to be primed for anything.

Angel and Faith had gone to Wolfram and Hart and as Cordy gave me an evil look and paced in front of me, I wondered why it was that I hadn’t gone with them? Angel said that it could be dangerous, but since when did danger ever get in my way from takin’ care of business, or in this case, savin’ the woman that I am fallin’ in love with more and more by the day, even in her absence? Neva, but yet, I need to stay here with Cordy for a little longa. If she berates me, then so be it. If she chooses to forgive me and give me anotha hug…even betta.

“Look, Cordy, I know that you probably have a little hate for me right now and I deserve it. I shouldn’t have signed that document. I shouldn’t have cared about the upgrades because like you said earlier, what good are they goin’ to do me now? I should have known that somethin’ bad was gonna happen. I wish, a lot of the time that Wesley had killed me when he stabbed me. And that’s the truth.”

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A showdown amongst friends. [Jan. 27th, 2007|11:35 pm]
A Play for Power
[Current Mood |Pumped]

Watching the sexy vampire put down Dawn was a curious thing.

The guy is a vampire and therefore, one of our enemies. So, yeah, I know that he somehow has a soul, which I’m not really sure of, but he’s good and sexy and I almost found myself clapping as I stretched, watching him, getting ready to fight Leah, a fifth degree black belt in karate, turned slayer, to my third degree black belt in karate, turned slayer.

I would have cheered for Spike, because the vampire guy, whatever I call him, does have a swagger about him and has rock solid muscles, which is hot, but I never cheered for guys fighting girls in a situation like they were fighting in, which was basically a competition. I have competed for three years now, against women, and the occasional guy at competitions and I always root for the girl.

The girl, Dawn, didn’t win, though, but I figured that I could. If it had been me against Spike, I would have won, and when I smashed his face in, I would have smiled as I’m on top of him and showed the cleavage to him, like I had earlier to Xander, except that he immediately said that he was involved with Dawn, ruining all of my fun. I could have a lot of fun with Spike too, no doubt, except that the vampire thing is kinda creepy and it seems like he is with Buffy. The two sisters get both of the hot guys in the room, leaving Andrew for me to ogle.

Sure, he’s cute, in a punier then me sort of way.

Hey, sue me, I like to flaunt what I have and like having sex.

But, I need to prepare for Leah and speaking of flirting, I’m not the only one who is flirting here. As we stretched towards the end of Spike and Dawn’s little battle, Leah made sure that I could see down her shirt. Sure, she’s got nice boobs…not as nice as mine, but nice, and while I have no problem with looking at a sexy girl, that’s where it ends with me.

I could have sworn that Leah mentioned that she liked guys on the flight here when we were picking on Andrew, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t like to play for both teams. That, I don’t do. Two guys and me, sure, but not a guy and a girl or just a girl.

The good thing about it is that if Leah has the hots for me, which is understandable, of course, for a guy or a girl, then she will be distracted with that and not focus on the fight, which would make things easy for me. But, I’m going to win, anyway. She may be two degrees higher then me, officially, but that’s because she probably stayed in classes, moving her level higher, while I’ve been competing. I’ve been competing and she hasn’t. There’s a big difference there and she’s about to feel it, in a good-mannered sort of way.

I stood and watched as she came over. I bowed simultaneously with her and then, I moved in for my first attack.

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Fangdan is busy and we totally have a slayer to kill. [Jan. 27th, 2007|11:31 pm]
A Play for Power

I followed him to his castle. He drove, and of course, left without me before I could catch up to him, but I totally knew that it wasn’t his fault. He had left Ilona’s office after hearing about what the slayer tramp of Hamilton’s, under his total control had done to me, without knowing at the time that I wanted to go with him.

At this point, I totally want out of Wolfram and Hart. They’ve been good to me and it’s all flattering and all that the Senior Partner’s or whatever, included me in their little London plan, but Hamilton controlling a slayer makes me sick. It makes me think of Spike and this is worse because the slayer is almost like a robot…a busty, harlot, black robot and I actually caught Hammy sticking his stiff rod into her.

To make it worse, when I confronted them, I found out that she was in his control, totally and then he let her kick my ass and only stopped her when she was about to stake me. Humiliating, let me tell you, but I should have known, coming from hammy. A Zebra never changes it spots. He shagged her, humiliated me, or let the slayer humiliate me and then basically told me that I could have Fangdan and from now on, I was his secretary and only his secretary.

Fangdan it is, then. I’m all beaten and have to walk over to Fangdan’s gorgeous castle, and on the way, I can’t resist. Some pretty brunette who filled out a skirt and button up top well passed me, reminding me of Cordy, and on the night streets, I muscled her into an ally and drained her dry. If it were Cordy, I would have drained her dry because all of this sucks.

Though now, with the fresh and warm blood in my system, I feel a whole lot better. I race over to Fangdan’s and walk in, past a guard, the same guard that had seen me earlier and he recognized me and let me in. I charged up the stairs, hoping that Fangdan is in his room, because trying to find him if he isn’t, in this mansion, well…that would totally suck.

The door is closed, but I push it open to find him on the phone with someone. He said a name. He called her Chelsea and I wonder if Fangdan is just like Hammy, and this Chelsea is someone that he fucks on the side. I approach and he hangs up the phone.

“Fangdan, I’m sorry, I followed you over here because I’m not going back to that place ever again, but who is this Chelsea? Please tell me that you aren’t giving that gorgeous cock to her too…Please tell me that you aren’t…”

He got off of his bed and smiled at me, taking his leather coat off. I don’t know him well enough at all to know what his smiles mean, but he looks totally happy to see me.

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The Inevitable. [Jan. 27th, 2007|11:28 pm]
A Play for Power

[Current Mood |apatheticapathetic]

Call it inevitable.

Because, that is exactly what this is.

I massage her arm in a loving way, even though I don’t love her, as we are held up at a beautiful castle of a wealthy warlock in Trieste. The ocean view is romantic at night, a few boats and their lights gliding on the water, and Chelsea enjoys this view because to her, this is romance. This is what she has always wanted. I am what she has wanted for years. She was sired by Fangdan probably forty years ago and after her lust for him went away, she has wanted me, only this is the first time that she and I have ever made love.

It’s love for her. For me, it’s business. We are here to sell our plasma to vampires who respect the sanctity of life and who do not take human lives at will and only do so if necessary. This is something to make the business less boring and that is all that it is.

Sure, I’m caressing her arm, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to make a habit out of this. I hadn’t told her that, though, because I’m not the sort to be brutal, especially after lovemaking and other then the fact that her pursuit of me has been obvious and that she has done some things that were pathetic because of that, Chelsea is one of our best warriors. She’s smart, strong, can fight off virtually any male vampire that I know and honestly, is great to look at it and now I know, also great to shag.

Still, my heart, even if it doesn’t beat, is for Regina. I know that if I get involved with Chelsea, that I’ll be thinking of Regina as I am now. I know that if I get involved with Chelsea and the inevitable doom of whatever may come from her new relationship with that smug lawyer Lindsey should occur, and she turns to me, that I’ll just have to let Chelsea go and I fear that Chelsea may disobey any order that I give her to stay away from Regina and kill her out of jealousy.

No, I can’t become involved with her. I just can’t. I won’t put Regina in danger and I won’t toy with Chelsea. She’s too good for our legion. However, if she wants to shag until Regina comes to her senses and wants exclusivity with me, then I certainly will not have a problem with it at this point.

This was inevitable. The looks and the suggestions…The way that she touched me even when around people; shagging Chelsea had been inevitable. So too, though, is the upcoming conversation. I stroked her beautiful straight locks.

“Chelsea, you are amazing and I know that you’ve wanted me and are in love with me. But, I am in love with another and can offer all of myself to you at this point. Tonight was amazing and it doesn’t have to stop, but I fear that if the one that I love comes to her senses and wants me back…that you will be hurt by this and might go after my love and I can’t allow it to escalate to that point.”

She turned to me. I couldn’t read her just by sight at the moment.

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